Step 1 – Preliminary Estimate

Before any repairs are made, one of our certified estimators will do a complete damage assessment. Then, the estimator will review the repairs, cost, and time frame for pick up with you. It is important that you have contacted your insurance carrier to submit a claim.

Here’s what you’ll need to submit your claim:

a) Your full name and your insurance policy number

b) The longevity of your policy (start and end date)

c) Names, addresses, and phone numbers of all people involved in the accident

d) Driver’s license and plate numbers for all drivers involved

It is important that you come in with your claim number so we can start the process as soon as you want to drop the car off!

When comparing multiple estimates, remember that going with the cheapest option isn’t always best. Damage can be hidden under the exterior of your car, which some body shops may not repair properly. At O’Hare Auto Body, your safety is our standard and backed by our lifetime warranty and certified staff. We perform high-quality work each and every time.

Step 2 – Body Repairs

Although no two vehicles’ damage is the same, we start first by a full tear down of damaged parts. Bodywork includes dent repair, surface restoration, and body panel alignment. We also offer expert wheel alignments, glass repairs, and paintless dent removal.

Paintless dent removal is a fast way to repair body damage when the paint isn’t chipped or scratched. If any hidden damage surfaces, our technicians communicate that with the estimator and our on-site mechanic to repair your vehicle properly.

Step 3 – Paint Shop

After body work is completed, the vehicle is sent to our state of the art paint shop for paint preparation. Original layers of paint are removed, and the repaired area is cleaned, sanded, and primed. It is then moved into our spray booth where the best quality paint is applied by a professional painter. Next, other panels of your vehicle are blended to ensure consistency and sleekness. O’Hare uses the finest quality Axalta water-based paint. Not only is this paint top-of-the-line, but it’s eco-friendly as well.

Have you ever seen a vehicle with a door that has a slightly different colored red door? That’s because somebody shops choose to cut corners without blending the paint through non-damaged panels. At O’Hare we have a high-quality paint team that ensures a perfect blend every time. Lastly, a durable clear coat is applied to protect and restore the original new car shine back to your vehicle!

Step 4 – Deluxe Detail

Last but not least, O’Hare Auto Body will give your car’s interior and exterior a full deluxe cleaning. We hand wash and vacuum each finished vehicle to give it a new car feel. Best of all, it’s on the house to thank you for your business.

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