Our 11 Step Collision Repair Process

1. Estimate

One of our knowledgeable writers will examine any damage/imperfections on your vehicle and write you a FREE preliminary estimate.

2. Insurance Claim

One of claim specialists will gather all necessary information needed and handle your claim from start to finish to make sure your insurance company covers all necessary repairs.

3. Disassembly

We will fully disassemble the damaged area of your vehicle to ensure there is no hidden damage, we will then update the estimate if any additional damages found and let you know along with your insurance provider.

4. Order Parts

Once the vehicle had been fully disassembled we will order all necessary parts, we will let you know if any parts are on backorder and when we should receive them

5. Structural and or Mechanical repairs

We will make sure the unibody and or frame is back to manufacturer’s specifications using our state of the art benches and measuring systems. Our mechanic is ASE certified with advanced training in all aspects. We use state of the art Hunter laser alignment equipment, also utilizing manufactures required tooling.

6. Body repairs

All body repairs are being done at this time, any repairs or replacements of parts, welding etc.

7. Paint

During this stage we will prep, prime, paint and buff your vehicle, making sure the paint is perfectly matched and paying attention to all details.

8. Reassembly

After all repairs and paint work is complete our master technicians will put the vehicle back together again per manufacturers procedures.

9 .Wash

Once the vehicle is reassembled we will then hand it over to the cleanup crew who will clean your vehicle inside and out to make sure it is in pristine condition.

10. Quality Control

After your vehicle has been cleaned and all work is complete, we will scan your vehicle to make sure there are no error codes, Once the scan is complete our team coordinator will go over your vehicle to make sure all functions are working and repairs were done properly.

11. Delivery

Once the team coordinator hand our customer service representative your keys, we will then call you to arrange a time to pick up your vehicle, or in certain situations call and set up a tow to have it brought back to you.


We want to let all of our customers know that we are going above & beyond to keep you, your vehicle and our staff as safe as possible. We are cleaning and disinfecting when each vehicle arrives to us, and again before each vehicle leaves. Every tech and staff member has access to PPE and proper disinfectant so you can rest assure we are taking every precaution possible to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible.
If your vehicle is in need of repairs, now is the time to let us handle it for you. We can arrange the repairs of your vehicle without you ever having to leave your home! Right now we are teaming with Tomatow Towing & Transport to offer free tow services to pick up your vehicle and bring it to our shop for repairs, and then towing it back to your home or office when it is complete. We can do all paperwork electronically so you can safely practice social distancing. Contact us today and let us help you!
We have over 20 certifications with advanced training, we can handle any vehicle from a Honda to a Tesla. We look forward to helping the community staying safe and keeping things moving!

 — at O’hare Auto Body.